Aj – The sporty spider

AJ – the sporty spider

AJ can run faster than most of the male spiders in the area. Each year she takes part in the spider Olympics and always wins the 3 meter race.

Read about AJ’s race in ‘Spoil Sport Spiders.’

AJ is short for Anjelica, but she prefers to be called AJ.

Only Winifred the Hedgehog is allowed to call AJ Anjelica.

Clay – the naughty spider

He is always in trouble, usually with Maximillian, Miss Kelly’s large orange and white cat.

Clay likes to build webs in dangerous places.

He has a narrow escape from a serious situation in ‘Spoil Sport Spiders.’

He is at his mischievous best in ‘Spooktacular Spiders’ a Halloween story, coming soon, where we also meet his best friend Speedy.

Clay – The naughty spider
Marley – The sensible spider

Marley – the sensible spider.

Marley tries to keep the peace between the other spiders who sometimes argue.

AJ and Clay both like to be the centre of attention, especially AJ who always likes to have the final word.

The other spiders often look to Marley for a sensible solution to a problem.

Read Marley’s spooky Ghost story, coming soon, if you dare.

Mirabelle – the creative spider.

Mirabelle is well-known among other spiders in the neighbourhood for her very pretty web designs, which she takes great pride in.

She also builds invisible webs which are very good for catching insects.

She also makes very tasty insect cakes. One of the yummiest is her greenfly cup cake.

Read all about Mirabelle’s adventure in the story ‘Wishing on a Starfish.’

Mirabelle - The creative spider
Orson- The clever spider who only speaks in rhyme.

Orson - the clever spider who only speaks in rhyme

You can hear Orson’s poem on YouTube.

Orson is a clever spider and would like to be a best-selling author and poet one day.

He is always reading or writing poems about spiders.

His favourite novel is ‘Super Secret Spy-der.’